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"V" Series Panels

confinement fencing panel
Sheep fencing
End Panel for confinement fence
pig in confinement fence
Swine Fencing

 Confinement Fencing

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Panel End Details

Confinement fencing is strong, durable and is designed

to meet your toughest tests.


 Heavy duty, all welded modular construction
 combined with Hot Dip Galvanizing after fabrication

for ultimate durability and strength.


Panels are available in 30", 38" and 48" heights
 and lengths are made to fit your specific set-up.

An Alley Panel has one Alley End
Bracket on each end. A Division
Panel has a Division End Bracket
on one and and and Alley End
Bracket on the other.

MODULAR DESIGN- makes it easy to set-up and allows panels to be arranged in multiple configurations.
SELF-SUPPORTING - On most set-ups posts are not required. Panels interconnect eliminating the need for posts making it easily adaptable to
a multitude of arrangements.

Standard Panels come with
1-1/4" x 14ga Top and Bottom

For longer Panels, 11ga tubes
are available.

Heavy 7/8" Sold Rods top and


Heights: 30" 38" 48"
Lengths: As required
Vertical Rods: 3/8" 1/2" 1/2"
Spacing between rods: 2" 3" 3"